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Delete All Facebook Posts at once New 2019

Since the reports of Facebook user's data being collected as well as made use of for details war has actually come about, users in droves have been trying to delete their accounts or at the minimum, going back to square one by eliminating all prior Facebook posts. Nevertheless, this can really show to be a really time-consuming procedure as you would usually have to go through each individual post you have actually ever before published and also remove each manually individually - Delete All Facebook Posts At Once.

" What?! I don't want to that. There needs to be a less complex way, right?"

Technically, yes. You can get rid of posts from your Facebook timeline from within the Facebook mobile application without the need for a third-party application. This includes formerly deleted or concealed posts you've shared along with posts that you have actually been marked in or at least your tag situated in them.

Desktop Facebook individuals can do the same yet additionally have other options at their disposal in order to eliminate all posts from their timeline. You'll either be removing them manually or to speed points up, make use of a third-party browser extension like Social Book post Supervisor to rid yourself of possible previous embarrassments.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once

Initially, we'll start with mobile.

Facebook: Here's Just how to Eliminate posts From Your Timeline in Bulk

Step 1: Near the top of your Facebook News Feed, touch your profile picture to go to your profile.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Manage Posts.”

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Step 3: Tap the circle to the left of each post that you intend to delete/hide from your account.

Important Note: You have 3 alternatives for removing content from your account in Bulk: You can erase old posts that you personally shared, conceal posts that you or another person shared, or remove the tags from posts that you have actually been labelled in by other users. Nevertheless, you have to complete these actions individually. If you want to remove a great deal of content from your account, you'll require to produce "batches" of posts by just touching on posts for which you intend to take the exact same action. That is, you can not remove any kind of posts you personally shared if you additionally include posts shared by others in the exact same "batch".

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Additionally note, you can tap the "Filters" button near the top-left corner of the screen to filter your view to just see posts that you directly shared, only posts that you're labelled in and more.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Tip 4: Once you've picked several posts, faucet either "Next" in the top-right edge of the display, or the three symbols in the bottom-left edge of the display to proceed.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Tip 5: At the end of the screen, tap "Delete posts" "Hide from Timeline" or "Remove Tags" depending upon what you wish to do. Note: If you're trying to remove posts however the "Delete posts" alternative is in gray message, instead of black, it indicates you unintentionally tapped a blog post that Facebook won't enable you to remove. Examples consist of notices that you've changed your account or cover picture as well as posts that you might have shared from within a Facebook video game. You can just eliminate these posts from your timeline by touching the "Hide from Timeline" option.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>

Action 6: Tap "Delete posts" "Hide" or "OK" on the verification home window that appears. The home window that shows up will be figured out by the alternative you tapped in Step 5 above.

Delete All Facebook Posts At Once<br/>


You can select to manually eliminate posts individually from your Facebook timeline but let's be real below, that's not why you read this post. So to speed up things up as well as remove entire years from Facebook in one dropped swoop, you'll require to download and install a browser extension for Chrome. Sadly, there are no Safari expansions readily available for use at this time. These expansions can remove years of background immediately with a click of a switch, so ensure to archive anything you intend to conserve in the past hitting erase.

For this tutorial, we're mosting likely to concentrate on Social Book Post Manager as our bulk deletion extension of choice. This will certainly make the whole removal procedure rather structured as well as absolutely much quicker for those who have years worth of posts to remove.


Before you erase your posts, I will repeat the importance of first developing a back-up of your Facebook data. With this tool, when the info is gone, it's truly gone. This information not only includes all of your posts but also your photos as well as videos, messages and chat discussions along with all details that you have actually given in your account's About area.

In order to develop a backup:.

1. Head over to your General Account Settings screen.

2. While you have this display pulled up, there will certainly be a web link labelled "Download a copy of your Facebook data" near the bottom.

3. Click on the Download a copy link and also follow the prompts. Facebook will begin developing a backup of all your information that will be available for download as soon as complete. Once the download is ready, Facebook will send out an e-mail to your registered e-mail address notifying you of its completion and accessibility.

When you have your information back-up:.

1. Install the Social Book post Supervisor extension, head back to Facebook, as well as go to your Activity Log. The Task Log can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the enigma icon in the upper-right part of the Facebook navigation header. Open it and locate Activity Log from the drop-down menu.

2. The Activity Log link will certainly take you to a web page that presents every one of your Facebook activity (for this reason the name). You will certainly see all the friends that you've included in addition to all the posts and also comments that you've both produced and suched as. In the Filter area on the left-hand side, pick the filter you desire to remove from, in this case, click "posts".

3. Now open the Social Book post Manager expansion by clicking the symbol at the top-right of your Chrome internet browser.

4. As soon as the expansion is opened, you'll exist with a listing of filters that you can use to delete posts on Facebook.

The filters will identify which posts are to be removed and also you can also filter them by certain years, months, as well as even those including certain strings. A "Prescan on Page" choice is readily available to you if you want to utilize it. This will trigger the expansion to prompt you of which posts will certainly be eliminated prior to your verification. If you approve the selected posts for deletion, you can click to verify as well as see those posts vanish. Nevertheless, there have been some records that when making use of the "Prescan on Page" alternative with heavily populated task logs may create complications.

5. As soon as all of the posts you've chosen for removal have been picked, click the OK switch to close the sharp, evaluate the activity log, and also if satisfied with the choice, click the Confirm to remove button located at the top of the web page.

If you're not delighted with the presently selected posts targeted for elimination, you can rejuvenate the web page (I choose tapping F5 myself) and also see the task log repopulated as it was formerly.

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