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How to Delete All My Posts On Facebook New 2019

Ever since the reports of Facebook customer's data being gathered as well as utilized for details war has actually come about, users in droves have been attempting to remove their accounts or at least, going back to square one by getting rid of all previous Facebook posts. Nevertheless, this can in fact prove to be an extremely taxing procedure as you would typically need to go through each private post you have actually ever before published and delete each manually individually - How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook.

" What?! I don't wish to that. There needs to be a less complex means, right?"

Technically, yes. You can get rid of posts from your Facebook timeline from within the Facebook mobile application without the requirement for a third-party application. This includes previously removed or concealed posts you've shared as well as posts that you have actually been tagged in or at the very least your tag situated in them.

Desktop computer Facebook individuals can do the very same however additionally have various other choices at their disposal in order to remove all posts from their timeline. You'll either be removing them by hand or to speed things up, utilize a third-party web browser expansion like Social Book post Manager to clear on your own of feasible past humiliations.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook

Initially, we'll begin with mobile.

Facebook: Right here's Just how to Remove posts From Your Timeline in Bulk

Action 1: Near the top of your Facebook News Feed, tap your profile picture to head to your profile.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Manage Posts.”

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Action 3: Touch the circle to the left of each post that you want to delete/hide from your account.

Essential Note: You have 3 alternatives for getting rid of web content from your account in Bulk: You can erase old posts that you directly shared, conceal posts that you or another person shared, or remove the tags from posts that you've been labelled in by various other customers. Nevertheless, you need to complete these actions one by one. If you wish to erase a lot of content from your account, you'll need to develop "batches" of posts by only tapping on posts for which you wish to take the very same activity. That is, you can not remove any kind of posts you personally shared if you additionally consist of posts shared by others in the same "batch".

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Likewise note, you can touch the "Filters" button near the top-left edge of the screen to filter your sight to only see posts that you directly shared, only posts that you're marked in and so on.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Step 4: As soon as you've chosen several posts, tap either "Next" in the top-right edge of the screen, or the three icons in the bottom-left corner of the display to proceed.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Step 5: At the end of the screen, tap "Delete posts" "Hide from Timeline" or "Remove Tags" depending on what you want to do. Note: If you're trying to delete posts yet the "Delete posts" alternative remains in gray text, instead of black, it indicates you accidentally tapped a blog post that Facebook won't allow you to delete. Instances consist of notifications that you have actually transformed your profile or cover image and posts that you may have shared from within a Facebook game. You can only get rid of these posts from your timeline by tapping the "Hide from Timeline" option.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>

Step 6: Tap "Delete posts" "Hide" or "OK" on the confirmation window that shows up. The window that appears will be identified by the option you touched in Step 5 above.

How To Delete All My Posts On Facebook<br/>


You can pick to by hand eliminate posts independently from your Facebook timeline yet let's be real below, that's not why you read this post. So to speed up things up as well as delete whole years from Facebook in one dropped swoop, you'll need to download and install a browser extension for Chrome. Sadly, there are no Safari extensions readily available for use right now. These extensions can delete years of history immediately with a click of a button, so ensure to archive anything you want to conserve in the past hitting erase.

For this tutorial, we're mosting likely to focus on Social Book Post Manager as our mass deletion extension of selection. This will make the entire deletion process instead structured and certainly far quicker for those that have several years worth of posts to remove.


Prior to you delete your posts, I will certainly reiterate the relevance of very first producing a backup of your Facebook information. With this device, as soon as the details is gone, it's genuinely gone. This information not only consists of all of your posts yet additionally your photos and also video clips, messages and conversation conversations along with all details that you've provided in your profile's Concerning area.

In order to create a back-up:.

1. Head over to your General Account Settings display.

2. While you have this screen pulled up, there will certainly be a web link titled "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom.

3. Click on the Download a copy link and adhere to the triggers. Facebook will certainly begin producing a backup of all your data that will certainly be offered for download once complete. Once the download is ready, Facebook will certainly send an e-mail to your registered email address informing you of its conclusion as well as schedule.

As soon as you have your data backup:.

1. Install the Social Publication post Supervisor extension, head back to Facebook, as well as go to your Activity Log. The Task Log can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the question mark symbol in the upper-right section of the Facebook navigation header. Open it as well as locate Activity Log from the drop-down menu.

2. The Activity Log web link will certainly take you to a web page that shows every one of your Facebook activity (thus the name). You will see all the good friends that you have actually added along with all the posts and also comments that you've both developed as well as liked. In the Filter section on the left-hand side, choose the filter you wish to remove from, in this situation, click "posts".

3. Currently open up the Social Book post Manager expansion by clicking on the symbol at the top-right of your Chrome browser.

4. As soon as the expansion is opened, you'll be presented with a checklist of filters that you can utilize to delete posts on Facebook.

The filters will identify which posts are to be gotten rid of as well as you can also filter them by certain years, months, and even those including particular strings. A "Prescan on Page" choice is available to you if you desire to utilize it. This will create the expansion to motivate you of which posts will be gotten rid of prior to your verification. If you approve the picked posts for deletion, you can click to validate as well as see those posts vanish. However, there have been some reports that when using the "Prescan on Page" alternative with heavily populated activity logs might cause problems.

5. Once all of the posts you have actually picked for removal have actually been chosen, click the OK button to close the alert, review the activity log, and also if satisfied with the selection, click on the Confirm to delete button situated on top of the page.

If you're not satisfied with the presently chosen posts targeted for removal, you can refresh the page (I prefer tapping F5 myself) and see the task log repopulated as it was previously.

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